Waffle - Close the gender gap in the IT field! -

Waffle tackles the gender gap by empowering girls.
We organize programming courses for girls and engage in advocation to close the gender gap for the better future.
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our Vision

Unlock women’s potential and make an impact in the world together with them.
Close the gender gap by empowering and educating women in the technology field.

Gender gap in the IT field

Girls career aspiration
Female students' ICT career aspirations are the lowest in the OECD countries. The gender gap in the IT sector is not something that is created at the time of employment. It starts when they are students. In a survey of 15-year-old girls in 63 countries, including the OECD, the percentage of Japanese girls who "aspire to a career in ICT" was only 3%, the lowest of the 63 countries. And of those who go on to study engineering, only 15% are girls.

The current situation in the IT industry
Women constitute only 13% of the workforce in the IT field. The fact that the IT devices and applications used by everyone today do not incorporate diverse needs is a problem from both fairness and economic perspective.

Why tackle this issue?

We believe that increasing the number of women in IT and STEM will lead to a better future as they are the creator of the future. We are working to solve this problem by educating and empowering girls in junior and senior high schools through IT and STEM education. By getting more women into high-paying technical jobs, we will contribute to correcting the economic disparity between men and women, which is also the focus of the SDGs. It will also help solve the shortage of IT human resources in Japan, where the working population is shrinking. Women's power is indispensable for the future of Japan.

Delivering with Empowerment

We believe that the cause of the gender gap has a lot to do with the lack of appropriate role models and psychological safety due to their minority status. To unlock the potential of students who are capable but lack confidence, empowerment and education are important factors.

How the donation will be used

Event management
We will use the funds to hold programming and IT career events for female junior and senior high school students and events for working adults to raise awareness.
We are planning to have a community that girls/women can support each other.

Policy recommendation
We actively engage in policy recommendations. We will use the resource for the research and proposal.

Business Development
While our main activity is to organize events, we are also working on medium to long-term business development.

Thank you for your support.