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COVID-19 is affecting household of families with children. High school students from needy families might have to give up on college due to financial hardships. They can't afford to pay for college prep expense, such as exam fee and textbook. Just additional few hundreds dollar will help them to challenge their dream college.

If they give up on college, that will have life-long negative impact. We need your support to make their future bright!

High school students also affected by COCID19

"We have a tough time to make ends meet due to recent income reduction. Even more worrisome thing is how to manage prep costs and tuition for college? "

This is a message from a mother in mid-May who receives support from NPO Kidsdoor.

With jobs lost, income reduced, or work furloughed, many families, especially with children,  face financial hardships. We are most worried about high school students.

In Japan, due to little financial support for high school students, quite a lot of students work part-time to support themselves for study materials, school trips, extracurricular activities, and savings for college. This is the case of students we support at Kidsdoor.

Their part-time job is also affected by COVID-19. According to our survey in March 2020, 60% of high school students at Kidsdoor have jobs lost or reduced.

We are concerned that those students, who have been studying hard for college admission, may give up on college due to financial reasons. COVID-19 could cause a life-long negative impact on them.  

Just a few hundreds of dollars help them prep for college

NPO Kidsdoor has supported high school students in need since 2011. We found out many students can’t afford to pay for practice exams, standardized tests, and study materials. Just a few hundreds, not thousands of dollars for pricey prep program, will help them prepare for college.

However, students hesitate to ask parents for ¥7000 exam fees or ¥3000 textbooks. After considering the financial situation of their family, students end up giving up on college. It is a sad and disappointing fact.

Recent college admission process is complicated with application choices (recommendation, AO, or regular exam) and a change of standardized exam. The detail of the admission process is under discussion due to COVID-19. Low-income families also need financial aid or scholarship. It is beyond each student’s capability to collect necessary information.

Additional hundreds of dollars and proper information will assist students prepare for college.

In this financial aid scheme, certified (Nintei) NPO Kidsdoor Fund will collect donations and grant aid for scholars (¥50,000 for 3rd grader and ¥20,000 for 2nd grader). Additionally, NPO Kidsdoor will provide application support for scholars based on our experience and knowledge of college prep support developed over 10 years. We will connect with scholars via email or LINE to support their study until the end of the admission process.

More than that, your donation and cheering will support scholars both financially and mentally.

Below are messages from needy families whom we provided stationaries and shopping vouchers (¥2000). “Fight against COVI19! Home learning support package”. This is one of the examples.

Now is the time to support students

Thanks for your interest. I am Matsumi Kotaro, founder of a certified NPO Kidsdoor Fund.
When I worked at a college prep school, many students quit at the time of the financial crisis. Generally, the cost of education is the last item to cut, however, no way to continue education for certain families. This is a traumatic event in my career. 

Due to COVID-19, many students are on the verge of giving up on college. Your support will make students’ bright future. I’d appreciate if you join this fundraising to support as many students as possible.  

Certified NPO Kidsdoor Fund
Founder Matsumi Kotaro


Thanks for your support. I am a founder of NPO Kidsdoor, Watanabe Yumiko. We have provided learning support for students from families in need since 2009. The child poverty rate is 13.9% in Japan, meaning one out of seven is under poverty. Due to COVID-19, needy families struggle furthermore and even mid-class families also face sudden loss/reduction of income. Many high school students, who almost gave up on college due to financial reasons, received learning support by Kidsdoor, strived for themselves, and made their dream schools.

Students say, “All those support truly cheer me up." “I want to do my best to give back”. More than pricey prep programs and quality textbooks, your support will help students’ dreams come true and your heart will reach each student. I’d appreciate your support.

NPO Kidsdoor
Founder Watanabe Yumiko

Targeting 500 students

Our target to support 300 x 3rd graders (¥50000 each) and 200 x 2nd graders (¥30,000). We accept applications from nationwide and select scholars based on their financial situation and determination of students/families. We will assist scholars until college admission by providing admission support and scholarship/financial aid information.

We will deliver messages from donors to scholars.

By March 2021, scholars will report us acceptance from colleges and the use of aid money. We will report them to donors. We will continuously support 2nd graders and provide additional support if needed. 

Fund budget

300 x 3rd graders



200 x 2n graders



Bank fee, communication 

¥1000 ×500



¥200,000/month×10 months


Students support
(information gathering, release, student assistance)

¥300,000/month×10 months





Credit card fee






We need ¥28,000,000 to support 500 students.

¥50,000 can support one 3rd grader,

¥30,000 can support one 2nd grader.

¥10,000 support x 5 can support three 3rd graders.

Donations to the certified (Nintei) NPO Kidsdoor Fund are subject to tax deduction. Individuals who donate to nonprofits will receive a tax credit for up to 50% of their donation.

We accept donations by an individual, corporation, or any type of organization.

Please contact us Certified (Nintei) NPO Kidsdoor Fund for any question.

Email:  Phone: 03-5244-9993

Thank you in advance for your interest and support.