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Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity donation(Peace Wanko Japan)

Thank you for your support of Peace Wanko Japan through the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity. To pay for your donation, please apply for credit card payment using this form. *Peace Winds Japan, a certified NPO, is the donation recipient for the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity.

Creating a happy future for dogs and people

The "Peace Wanko Japan" project, run by the certified NPO Peace Winds Japan, is based in Hiroshima Prefecture and takes in dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized, trains them to become accustomed to people, and then finds foster parents to live with them.
Despite many difficulties, they have received support from a total of approximately 80,000 people each year, and together with them, they continue to work to eliminate euthanasia from Japan.

About Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity

Certified NPO Peace Winds Japan will participate as a charitable organization in the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity to be held on Sunday, March 2, 2025.
When entering the Tokyo Marathon 2025 Charity, choosing Peace Winds Japan as the charitable organization will help support Peace Wanko activities.
To apply, please see the information on the Tokyo Marathon Foundation Charity RUN with HEART official website, which will be released on Tuesday, June 25, as well as this page, and apply through the form.
(Our organization's recruitment quota for charity runners is 400 people.)

How donations are used

Your donations will be used to cover the food and medical expenses of rescue dogs, the care costs (medical expenses, environmental maintenance costs, etc.) of rescue dogs that are difficult to adopt due to old age, illness or disabilities, the maintenance and construction costs of kennels and adoption centers, staff costs, the training of disaster rescue dogs and therapy dogs, and activities to spread awareness of proper dog care and animal welfare.

Contact Information

・Peace Wanko Tokyo Marathon Contact: (Aoi and Watanabe)
Peace Wanko Japan website:
・Tokyo Marathon Foundation Charity RUN with HEART Official website:

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This page is created with the donation and membership fee payment service "congrant".
This page is created with the donation and membership fee payment service "congrant".